Reflecting about these times of artificial intelligence, machine learning, algorithms and big data, I wonder whether love has a place in business?

What if we, as credscope, loved our customers so much that we would really put you first (not just say it), seek your well-being and help you get access to the products or services you seek?

What would a loving business look like?

For me, a key test of our love in business is the positive impact we have on you as a user of our service. If we can boldly and confidently answer these three questions:

  1. Are you in control of your credscope report?
  2. Does credscope demonstrate that it respects you?
  3. Have you moved on positively, in terms of gaining access to services that were inaccessible to you, since joining credscope?

Then we would know we are on the right track to learning about using our business to show love to the people who generate it. It may not be an easy journey…fancy coming along with us?

Yes         No


by Dr Freda Owusu

Photo by Will O on Unsplash