How It Works

Credscope works in 4 easy steps:

  1. Register
  2. Build your profile with checkable information
  3. Upload supporting documents
  4. Indicate the service you are looking for

Credscope will provide your credit score.  We will endeavour to connect you with a service provider who will then make a decision based on the information and evidence you have provided. They may ask for more information from you or check external sources of information for their own internal decision making processes. You are free to compare any offers received with other product on the market.


Putting people in control of their own credit profile

When you complete you CredScope profile it is important that you put in accurate and checkable information so that it can be verified before we produce your CredScope score.

Providing details about your history of rent payments, the regular charity donations you make or qualifications you have achieved helps us to better assess you as an individual and it is this approach that makes CredScope unique.

Once you have created your profile and your details have been verified, you can begin to research the better products and services available to CredScope users, for example, finding a loan.

When you indicate this on your profile, any lender who subscribes to the CredScope service can make an offer. You may of course accept this offer or not. This speeds up the application process for you, without affecting your score.

If any of your documents require further checking or verification, we can provide this service for a small fee, ranging from £10-£20, depending on the requirement. This fee may be paid by the service provider (the loan company, for example) but if not we may ask you to pay the additional fee. The length of time taken to verify will depend on the response we receive from the organisation concerned, whether that be your bank, a previous employer or an education centre.

Once you start using products and services that you have found using CredScope, we will update your profile with details of these so your profile keeps evolving and improving as long as you continue paying on time.

And a final just as lenders and other service providers can report on your progress, you can also rate them on their performance, using Insight Report’s star rating system.

CredScope’s aim is to creates a fairer marketplace for consumers and service providers where the best deals can be found.

Simple Sign Up


Sign up online. Your Credscope profile is completely free for consumers to use, and always will be.

Create Your Profile

Tell us about you. With details of your education, professional qualifications or rent payment history we can generate a positive profile of you.

Get Your Score

Your Credscope score will reflect your unique profile, and will be recognised by a range of service providers to ensure you get access to the best value products and services possible.