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Credscope lets you build a credit score based on a wider range of factors, allowing you to get access to the products and services you are seeking.

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How Credit Scores Are Made

Credit scores used by banks, utility companies and even landlords are calculated on a range of factors. Because they are positively scored, the absence of a data point becomes a negative factor in your credit score. We don’t think that’s always fair.


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As a visiting student, it’s often hard to get local mobile phone companies and utility companies to provide the best tariffs. I haven’t been in the UK long enough to get a high traditional credit score.

Overseas Student

Deciding to live and work overseas and move my family was a tough decision. But I hadn’t really thought about the difficulty there would be getting landlords to offer rental properties, or getting gas and electric companies to provide their services. Pay As You Go electric is so much more expensive.

A Foreign Worker

Leaving education and setting out on a career I was amazed how difficult it was to get utility companies to provide monthly billed services. When I checked my credit score I realised that lots of recent moves and not being registered on the electoral role at my new address were all counting against me.

Recent Graduate

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